Mijn favorieten


Hieronder treft u slechts enkele beoordelingen/reakties van onze klanten:

(Verkoopster Prof. Eijkmanlaan 76)
Je bent niet zomaar een makelaar die niet alleen voor de business gaat maar je doet het werk met echte betrokkenheid en je bent ook nog eens een hele lieve vrouw.

De heer D. Sozer (aankoper P. Calandlaan 1051)
I know Paykar as a person who keeps her promise and always does what she acclaims to do. I' ve had succes selling my house due to Paykar's hard word and perseverance.
She also helped me and my wife finding a new home, within a sort amount of time.
I consider Paykar as a thrustworthy purson and would recommend her to all my contacts.

Mevrouw D. Giuliani (aankoopster Kerkweg 18)
A year ago, our relocation agent in the process of purchasing the house where we currently live directed my husband and me to Paykar, who turned to be essential for the success of the transaction. We were quietly impressed about her professionalism in conducting the negotiation process and dealing with the counterpart, her determination in finalizing the contract. Moreover, Paykar proved to be very client oriented, extremely flexible and available, with high communication skills. We definitively recommend her.

De heer E. Vloothuis (verkoper Mr Troelstralaan 44)
In selling my home, I found Paykar to be professional, thorough and personable. The sale was achieved and managed beyond my expectations and in our current market that requires much more than just the 9-5, hence my recommendation.